Vietnam what we didn't learn...repeated mistakes..
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After spending over a trillion dollars on a credit card  in the middle east with our pre-emptive involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq and achieving nothing of substance but the deaths of over 500m civilians, and over 4000 American service men—we have to ask ourselves "what  did we US achieve there and what parallels are there to our eerily similar experiences in Vietnam?   In Vietnam, it all started with 'The Gulf of Tonkin' incidence which lead to  a virtually unanimous vote in the US Congress and Senate to greatly increase the build up of troops in Vietnam, eventually exceeding 300,000 lead and translated to over 60,000 US deaths, and 100,000's of Vietnamese civilian deaths and a destroyed countryGulf_of_Tonkin.png.  It is now pretty much unanimously agreed to by historians that the "Gulf of Tonkin" attack on a US Destroyer by North Vietnamese never actually occurred—but was used as a pre-text to invade the country.  I personally can see some very similar parallels to the 9/11 and our invasion of the middle east.   Do you see the same, and what are the parallels for 9/11 and Vietnam?