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Ex-Blackwater guard indicted on of first-de murder

created by Bbocook

RALEIGH—U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding announced that today a federal grand jury returned a 15-count indictment charging five employees from Blackwater World-Wide. Included in the indictment are Gary Jackson, 52, former president; William Whe...

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created by RandyZimm4

Do we Really have to get involved in everyone else's conflicts ? Are we just itching to drop a bomb on Someone ?...

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How to stop killing in Syria?

created by Bretbocook

What are your thoughts.  A no fly zone could work, but that would involve the US and we need to stay out of these numerous overseas wars?  ...

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any thoughts?

created by GBLawyer1989


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World free Nuclear weapons

created by Dimitri

Say no to Nuclear mass expansion...

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Vietnam what we didn't learn...repeated mistakes..

created by Bretsbocookceo

After spending over a trillion dollars on a credit card  in the middle east with our pre-emptive involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq and achieving nothing of substance but the deaths of over 500m civilians, and over 4000 American service men—we ha...

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